Krampus Props and Poses for Genesis 8


Santa’s not the only one working hard this holiday season. Krampus is on the scene, punishing those who have been naughty. Let your Genesis 8 male and female characters in on the action with these Krampus props and poses.

Carefully crafted by Orestes Graphics, you will find in this set the 3D digital Krampus Switch and the Krampus Headband with Horn’s static props, as well as wearable presets to load the props directly onto the Genesis 8 Female base or the Genesis 8 Male base. (This means you’ll be able to use the props with ANY of your favorite Genesis 8 character shapes!)

In addition, FeralFey has given you 3 pose presets for the Genesis 8 Female base, Edie 8, the Genesis 8 Male base, and Ollie 8 to bring your Christmas renders to life. As always, FeralFey poses have been fact-checked for gravity, balance, and realism.

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