Keyhole Style for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Keyhole Style for Genesis 3 Female(s)


Three separate clothing figures: Dress (with button), footless stockings, and shoes.

The dress follows the thigh bends and has many adjustment morphs, it also has options to make it shorter or longer if desired or give it a subtle flare. Two different wrinkle morphs, one being HD, and separate trim and seam-line HD morphs that you can mix and match to your taste.

It also has 3 different breast span morphs to aid in more realistically fitting unsupported characters. The stockings are not full trousers, they go up to the very top of the thighs. They also have many morphs including wrinkles, trim, and several boot fits.

The top and bottom trim morphs are separate so if you're using them under other clothing you don't have to worry about poke-through, or you can zero all the style morphs and have smooth tights. The shoes have quite a few adjustment morphs but you'll probably never need them. The UVs and material zones are arranged for fantastic results when using shader presets, especially horizontal stripes.

Both 3Delight (Uber surface) and Iray (Iray Uber) materials are included. Other than the blue and orange dresses all others options use grey scale textures and may be re-tinted to taste. The base mesh is medium weight and the HD morphs are built on Sub-D level 2 so they won't bog down your system.

There are two complete set loading options, one is full HD (Sub-D 2) and the other uses Sub-D level 1 for if you have a much older system or are rendering many frames and need it to be as fast as possible.

The button on the dress is its own conforming figure and may be deleted entirely if desired.

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