Kennady and Regan for Genesis 8 Female


Congratulations! You now have Twins! Kennady and Regan are beautiful teen girls that just can't wait to play in your Library.

They come with 10 lip gloss colors, 9 eye shadows from a geometery shell, 08 finger & toenail polish colors, 5 mascara colors, 8 eye colors.Each girl has her own own fibermesh eyebrows. Each lovely lass comes with her own head and body morphs. Regan is jealous that Kennady is taller than her and better at basketball. Unknown to Regan Kennady is jealous of Regan for being smaller and more petite.

Both girls' morphs were made with realism in mind.

Identical or fraternal, who cares when the twins are so adorable.

Required Products: Genesis 8 Female Morphs

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