Jorja for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

Jorja for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females


Jorja is a striking new dark-skinned beauty for the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 females. Jorja’s face is stunningly beautiful, with full lips and smouldering eyes. Her makeup options includes 4 fantasy makeups/lips, along with 8 other eveyday options. Lips include both matte and shiny options.

Her custom face morph requires no morph packs, however, you'll need the body morph packs for G3 and/or G8 to use her body shape.

Jorja’s pack has shaders for Iray AND 3Delight, and for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8, includes:

1 Head INJ/REM
1 Body INJ/REM
1 Nails Long Round INJ
1 Nails Long Square INJ
1 Nails REM
1 Full Body Iray MAT
1 Full Body 3Delight MAT
1 Eyelash Iray MAT (for G8)
1 Eyelash 3Delight MAT (for G8)
5 Eye Colors (Iray and 3Delight)
12 Makeup Options (Iray + 3Delight)
12 Lip Colors Matte (Iray + 3Delight)
12 Lip Colors Shiny (Iray)
10 Nail Colors (Iray and 3Delight)

Requirements: Genesis 3 Female Morphs, Genesis 8 Female Morphs

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