Jepe’s BeddingZ for Victoria 8

Jepe's BeddingZ for Victoria 8


Jepe's BeddingZ for Victoria 8 is a complete Iray bedding package containing a morphing bed prop set, 3 morphing bedding sets and 15 carefully handcrafted, artistic poses for Victoria8.

The bed prop set contains a bed base and back with 3 shaping morphs and a mattress sheet prop with 3 folding morphs. Every bedding set includes a set of paired pillows and a cover. Bed morphs and bedding morphs are located in the group node now - one dial (in Parameters Tab - Actor/Morphs) and the bed changes its shape, one dial, and cover and all pillows move to the right place for the Victoria 8 poses. There are two different cover drapes for each Victoria8 pose.

You can choose between 15 different colored versions provided as 15 hierarchical material presets for the bed that will also change the shape of the bed according to the materials. 5 hierarchical material presets for each of the bedding sets make them match the bed colors. Individual styling is possible via the included 77 different and amazing Iray shader presets including wonderful colored and patterned textures friendly provided by Crender. 3 single addon pillows are there to fill the scene for composition balance if necessary.

Required Products: Victoria 8

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