Jepe’s BeddingZ for Michael 7

Jepe's BeddingZ for Michael 7


Jepe's BeddingZ For Michael 7 is a complete Iray bedding package containing a morphing bed prop set, 3 sets of morphing bedding and 15 carefully handcrafted, manly artistic poses for Michael 7.

The bed prop set contains a bed base with 2 shaping morphs, a mattress sheet with 3 folding morphs and a back prop with two fabric folding morphs. Bedding set 1 includes 2 sets of pillows and a square double-sided cover for Pose 1-5, set 2 includes 4 pillows and an octagonal double-sided cover for Pose 6-10 and set 3 comes with 4 round pillows and a round double-sided cover for Pose 11-15.

For Jepe's BeddingZ For Michael 7 you can choose between 9 different colored versions provided as 9 hierarchical material presets for the bed and 9 hierarchical material presets for the bedding sets. Individual styling is possible via the included 78 different and amazing Iray shader presets for Cotton, Leather, Patterned Silk and Silk Solids provided by Khory.

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