Izabella 7 Pro Bundle


Izabella 7 Pro Bundle is a teenage character perfect for any fantasy or modern scene. She comes with both human and elf ears and is as stunning as she is charming. She's book smart with girl-next-store beauty but has been known to have a sassy, witty side that keeps you guessing. She can be tough and strong and has been known to have a "take no prisoners" attitude! Her different looks, versatility and fine level of detail makes her an exciting character addition, packed with the power and advantages of Genesis 3 technology.

Izabella 7 can be blended with any Genesis 3 Female morphs, providing endless possibilities of character creations. As she is a Genesis 3 Female, she can share most clothing or hair with other Genesis 3 Female figures to give you the versatility you have come to expect from Genesis.

Key advancements with the Genesis 3-based Izabella 7 include:

Increased detail
Izabella has increased detail in her fingers, toes, neck, mouth and chest, giving her more realistic human characteristics than previous generations.

One of the most significant improvements of Izabella 7 is how she allows for individual movement of her ears, toes, chest, neck and abdomen. In addition, reworked rigging offers enhanced posing ability, creating incredible flexibility.

Facial expressions
Over 60 more points of articulation in the face provide the ability to create amazing facial expressions and express realistic emotion.

Technology advancements
New technological advancements, such as Dual Quaternion weight maps, triangle free mesh, reduce poly count and UDIM standard UV’s, make Izabella 7 even more compatible with other industry standard 3D applications for ease of cross platform use.

Software Support
The industry leading software product for leveraging the DAZ 3D models is DAZ Studio (which can be downloaded for free at Get Studio). Genesis 3 content will simply drop right into DAZ Studio seamlessly. To operate Genesis 3 content you must use the latest version of DAZ Studio available.

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