Iris for G3F

Iris for G3F


De niƱa a mujer, is a song by a famous Spanish singer. We wanted to capture the idea of a character that was seen as a girl and already grown.

Iris Little is the sweetness, the innocence of innocence, Iris despite the passage of years continues to maintain that innocence almost intact... but only almost intact.

Both are beautiful, very beautiful and an awesome acquisition for your runtime!


2 Characters Preset
1 Head INJ and REM files
2 Body INJ and REM files
1 INJ and REM Nails Morph
3 Full Skin Shaders
9 Nails Options
9 Eyes Options
9 Makeup Options for each Skin Shaders
1 Mats03 Shader Shine Optional ( Apply Before Iris Mats03 and Makeups Mats03)

REM files for Makeups and Nails

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