iREAL Animated Dust Particles & Bokeh

iREAL Animated Dust Particles & Bokeh


Back by popular demand, say hello to the second installment of the iREAL series, an easy-to-use animated VFX dust particle package for Daz Studio (designed in Iray).

Like my other iREAL products, this one is just as easy to use and even lower on computer resources (only a few thousand polygons and a couple tiny textures). Simply load the 3D dust particles into your scene and apply the aniBlocks to set them in motion. (Note, these are real 3D volumetric particles with physical geometry!... not 2D overlays). Load as many props into your scene as you need. Props can be stacked and tiled side-by-side. Color and intensity material options included. You can also modify the aniBlocks just like any other aniBlock (stretch time, cut, loop, etc.)

*Can be used for stills if desired. Simply do not apply aniBlocks.
**Animate2 Required (to animate objects)

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