Iray Rain


Tired of adding rain, puddles and splashes in post? Perhaps it's time for an upgrade! Iray Rain uses loaded, in-scene geometry and refractive shading to capture realistic reflections and lighting conditions. Simply drop the rain system into the scene, pick from a choice of puddle presets and perhaps even add some splashes if you're shooting from a low angle.

Rain: The main Rain system uses staggered geometry on horizontal axis to cover a large area. Each face has unique uv co-ordinates and trans-mapped, refractive shading to simulate water in motion. This is less costly in terms of performance than full 3d droplets, and covers much more ground. Reflections and lighting effects can also be captured off-camera or at large distance from your subject.

Puddles: Detailed, trans-mapped planes which are fully manipulable and offer a choice between larger scale wet ground, and smaller single puddles. The puddles will also reflect the rain above.

Splashes: An optional extra for close-ups. Small, littered splashes to replicate droplet impact. Ideal for low angle renders.

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