Iray Memory Assistant

Iray Memory Assistant


When Iray runs short on system or video memory, renders can slow to a crawl. Iray Memory Assistant by SimTenero identifies the assets in your scene with the steepest potential memory impact and helps you make the most of your RAM!

Iray Memory Assistant is a scripted utility that displays information about the assets in your scene and generates estimates of available system and GPU memory. Unsure how your render's resolution is impacting your VRAM? Wondering if you can crank the SubD limit on an item without going over your computers memory limit? Iray Memory Assistant gives you visibility into your scene's memory requirements, helping you decide what to dial back and when you can push the limits.

*The Fine Print: Everyone's computer is a little different and every scene is unique. Iray Memory Assistant has been extensively tested to provide usable estimates, but actual resource usage may vary.

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