Iray Magic – Metallic Foil Fabric Shaders

Iray Magic - Metallic Foil Fabric Shaders


Iray Magic - Metallic Foil Fabric Shaders is ready to help you get your sparkle on! There are two base shaders to suit your various needs. The first gives you separate tiling controls for the bump maps, normal maps, and the foil pattern. In this shader, the cutout opacity (transparency) tiling is tied to the pattern tiling controls so that you can use it for things like lace. The second shader has the same tiling controls, but the cutout opacity is linked to the normal map tiling. This works great for outfits like body suits or the Morphing Fantasy Dress, where the opacity map is for the whole object to create various styles.

Each shader includes 152 presets to make it fast and easy to get the look you want. There are thirteen shiny colors for cloth and thirteen reflective foil overlay colors to match. If 169 color combinations isn’t enough, the cloth and foil colors appear at the top of the shader editor to make it easy to change them to any color you desire. There are 68 overlay pattern options to choose from with variety to fit almost any occasion. 14 Bump map presets are included to create a wide variety of cloth styles ranging from silk to leather.

The tiling presets include 11 presets each for pattern tiling, bump map tiling, and normal map tiling. That lets you match the style to any object, no matter how it is U/V mapped. You can also add a finishing touch with folds and wrinkles by applying one of the ten included normal maps. You can even add back in your original normal and opacity maps to keep all the original details in your clothing!

If you like glittering golds, sparkling silvers, and magnificent metallic then this is your must have set of shaders!

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