Iray HDRI Storms Lightning and Desert


This product consists of 2 large 12K (12000 x 6000 pixels) HDR images that provide nice environment backgrounds and image-based lighting (IBL). Each HDRI gives 360 degree view coverage. The first image is a thunderstorm in a large desert during the day and the second image is another storm in the same desert but this time at night. These two scenes have lightning options: the lightning bolt can be on or off.

The highly detailed HDR images are designed for Iray and come with render setting presets that make them easy to load with just one click. The night storm comes in 3 options. First option: the Light intensity (from lightning) is at 100%, the second option at 50% and the third option completely eliminates the lightning strike from the image.

Also included: 12 dome rotation presets to quickly change the part of the 360 degree HDR image that can be visible through your camera and 4 camera presets that allow you to change the camera focal length setting in one click.

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