iRadiance – HDR Mesh Lights Volume 2 for Iray


This set contains a bundle of HDR mesh lights and full featured light presets for amazing specular effects and great renders! 25 different HDRI textures incorporated into mesh light panels provide unique reflections and lighting, while 16 complete presets help you get the most out of them and provide fresh ideas.

Mesh light presets in this set come will full opacity mapping to better represent the light shape within your 3D view and render. This means they can be used in new ways (such as a means to drive bokeh with depth of field) and they are easier to "hide" out of view from the render camera.

The new curved light model in Volume 2 allows you to both focus and spread it's lighting depending on it's scale and direction. It can also be used as a partial dome that wraps around your scene by increasing it's scale for single mesh light setups.

Also new to Volume 2 are a collection of 25 HDR texture based color profiles. These provide a mixture of colors to any single light source and allow large scale light panels to produce different colors from different areas of the mesh light.

Each mesh light in this set loads with a camera grouping as well, which allows you to "look through" the light and position it with camera controls just as you can with Daz Studio's built in lights!

NOTE: This set also comes with a preset that will turn any of the mesh lights "invisible" while retaining their lighting. Invisible light sources will not contribute to specularity and other reflective effects so this should only be used if they are distracting in your render and can’t be hidden otherwise.

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