Inspiration SE: The Big Squeeze for Breastacular G8

Inspiration SE: The Big Squeeze for Breastacular G8


The Big Squeeze for Breastacular is a set of upper partial poses featuring all the squeezing, squishing and smooshing you need to get started having tons of Breastacular fun! The poses have been made as upper partials so that you can easily apply them to your favorite solo or couples pose sets! Also included are 10 "Display Base" lower partial poses so you can show off your favorite G8 Female and her gorgeous new Breastacular breasts!

Due to the thousands of possible shapes that can be made with Breastacular, it is impossible to predict and design the poses for specific breast shapes. The poses in this set were designed for Breastacular morphed breasts, and hands will NOT contact the base G8F breasts without adjustment.

When using this pose set you should expect to do some manual adjusting based on your chosen Breastacular shape.

There are many fitting tools included in Breastacular to assist you in getting the perfect collision. Also The Big Squeeze has many hover tips to help you find what you're looking for. Please read all instructions and tips for best results.

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