Inflatable Pool Toys & Poses for Genesis 3 and 8

Inflatable Pool Toys & Poses for Genesis 3 and 8


Fun at the pool! With this set you get everything you need for your pool scenes. Five inflatable pool toys and a set of matching poses make it easy to set up your scenes in a breeze.

Just load your figure, apply one of the poses, and the pool toy will load automatically with the necessary "squish" morphs already applied.

Of course, you can also load the pool toys separately. They come with additional squish morphs so you can use them with other poses, too.

Each pool toy comes with five material presets, at least one of them customizable so you can change the colors to your liking.

The poses include 10 poses for Genesis 3 Female and 10 matching poses for Genesis 8 Female, plus 7 poses for Genesis 3 Male. The poses for Genesis 3 Female can also be used for Genesis 3 Male and vice versa but may require small adjustments.

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