IDG Portrait Studio 2

IDG Portrait Studio 2


It started out as an auto mechanic’s garage and has been cleaned and re-purposed to a photographer’s dream portrait studio. Features of the main studio include 3 shooting locations, a collection of backdrops including a heavy velvet curtain, a divider curtain, a wall mounted paper roll prop, and large box called the white room. The star of the room is the lighting tress, which is a ceiling mounted fixture loaded up with all of the most useful lights one can imagine.

The back bone of the set is the Lighting Tress. A unique blend of realistic modeled lights and simplistic design, optimized to render quickly. Designed to handle anywhere from 0 to 8 individual lights, all integrated into one single simple, yet elegant figure. Each light is individually adjustable and posable, and each light has the option of choosing between 4 different types of light utilizing geometry switching, the Lighting Tress gives you a ton of lighting options. With the full set of lighting presets and specialized props, the Lighting Tress is truly a Swiss Army Knife of light sets.

The main studio has four wall material options, 4 alternate back wall options, six floors materials and four roof materials. The roof of the studio has options for completely solid, built-in and functioning reccesed lights, or open skylights. A small set of built-in furniture with a vanity counter and mirror, cabinets, and sink come with five texture options. A companion stool has a morphing height control and three materials. There are six floor materials, and five material sets for interior doors and windows.

All the essential photography props are here too. A wall mounted paper roll has 16 traditional and modern graphic materials, backdrop curtain and divider curtain have six fabric and velvet materials, and the white room has 20 graphic materials.

To complete the set there is the smaller office space the photographer uses for storage and a changing area, an outside driveway and fully textured exterior. The office has five full wall material options, six floors, and four roof materials. The office roof can be solid, or with built-in functioning recessed lights. There are six material options for the exterior driveway.

At its heart Portrait Studio 2 has been designed to be quick and easy to use (and render) with a variety of pre-made, pre-designed scene segments that can be easily combined together in a multitude of ways, while still giving the experienced user lots of options and controls to customize our creation to meet your needs. Hopefully, Portrait Studio 2 is everything you have come to expect from IDG Designs.

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