IDG Metro Music Hall

IDG Metro Music Hall


Part seedy, part state of the art, the IDG Metro Music Hall is a classic old theatre remodeled into a modern small 600 seat music venue hosting up-and-coming acts of any genre 6 days a week. The perfect place to see that band before they hit the big time, traditional Shakespearean theater, or host your dream reception, event or party. With a full bar on both the main floor and the balcony plus the more intimate Standing Room Only club down in the basement for when the crowd (or the noise) in the main hall gets to be a bit too much.

IDG Metro Music Hall includes a full set of props to help you fill out your music hall scenes (bring your own bottles). Plus, it has plenty of extra room so you can customize the space to suit your needs in the backstage and basements.

IDG Metro Music Hall includes over 250 built in-house lights with custom designed IES profiles covering the entire set including a set of fully functional emergency lighting. The set includes lighting presets to quickly adjust all the lights in the main hall, backstage and basement areas. Pretty much everything you'll need short of specialized stage lighting. While designed as a completely stand-alone set, IDG Metro Music Hall was also designed to integrate seamlessly with the companion IG Stage Lighting set.

All walls, doors, ceilings, and signage can be made invisible. For those that wish to customize further, the set is shader friendly, and templates are included.

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