IBL Master for Daz Studio


IBL Master is simple to use, yet very sophisticated. It's a single load, lighting controller that provides a synchronized Image Based Lighting experience for both Iray and 3Delight. Its innovative IBL Light unlocks the hidden power in 3Delight, rivaling Iray's Environment light in both quality and speed, without the need for a high end Nvidia card. With IBL Master, existing HDRI products designed for the Iray Environment instantly work for 3Delight, doubling their value. And because lighting quality and direction remain consistent between renderers, you can now composite like never before, picking and choosing what you like best about each.

IBL Master gives you instant real time feedback so you can easily set HDRI lighting direction and position. And it Breaks new ground with bidirectional remote control. Simply rotate IBL Master in the viewport and both Iray's Environment light and this new 3Delight environment move in unison. Change HDRIs on the fly in one place, wherever, and all image properties stay synchronized.

Ease of use is the key focus. If you know how to load a product, apply a preset, and rotate an object, then you already know how to get great lighting with IBL Master. Easy to use instructions in the product's main directory explain how to take full advantage of more advanced features.

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