Iain for Michael 7

Iain for Michael 7


Iain (Pronounced Ee-Yahn) is a character for Genesis 3 Male and Michael 7 that can be tossed into just about any situation and come out with attitude.

His base head morphs are a mix of merchant resources and adjustments in Hexagon and are independent of other morph packs. The full head morph brings in Michael 7 head morphs for added detail and character. Iain has a base body morph with the Genesis 3 Body Morph pack and a full body morph that also brings in Michael 7 body morphs.

Iain also has two make up sets for a darker look, and set up for each of the three brow options and the no brow option as well. The LIE Make Up Presets has five options that include basic eye-liner, smudged shadow and the darker make up sets (with some differences in coloring) and a white-out version of the dark bar set.

There are 6 eye colors, 1 Demon Eye, and two sclera options for the non-demon eye material, as well as a base and high gloss material settings for his entire body, the lips individually, and anatomical elements.

Enjoy several mixes of black and white tattoos for his arms and torso as well as watercolor tattoos for his back and torso; there are 4 arm tattoos, a back tattoo as well as a torso/side hand drawn koi tattoo with black and white and a watercolor version to choose from.

As mentioned previously-there are anatomical elements included.

Materials are Iray only.

Required Products: Genesis 3 Male Body Morphs, Michael 7

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