Work up a sweat with i13 Hard Work! A hot new gym with all the equipment you need to feel the pump! Weights, training dummy, punching bag, squat station, bench press, lat pull down machine, exercise ball, mats and more are included to give you a gym that packs a real punch for your renders!

To make this collection super easy and fun to use, lights, cameras, smart props for V6, and ready to render scenes are included with complete versions of everything for both DAZ Studio and Poser.

What's Included:

  • Ready Scenes (PZ3, DUF)
  • Complete Preload (PP2, OBJ, DUF)
  • 21 Props (DUF, PP2, OBJ)
  • gym floor and wall separated for easy camera angles
  • benchpress bench
  • benchpress barbell
  • squat station
  • squat station barbell
  • lat pulldown machine
  • standard bench
  • mats both large and small
  • workout dummy
  • puching bag setup
  • exercise ball
  • stepper single or stack
  • freeweights
  • weight racks
  • single weight
  • Patio Chair
  • Ashtray
  • Cigarettes (regular, right + left)
  • Lollipops (regular, right + left)
  • Magazine
  • Smart Props for V6(PP2, DUF)
  • dumbell(right+left+unparented)
  • squat weight barbell (right+unparented)
  • Camera presets(CM2, DUF)
  • Light preset (LT2, DUF)
  • 2 hand poses for smart props (v6)(DUF, pz2)

Both Daz Studio and Poser Tested and Supported
Both PC and Mac Supported

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