Hot Booty for Genesis 3 Female

Hot Booty for Genesis 3 Female


Hot Booty is a sexy pair of booty shorts and a hot, crop-style tank top for the Genesis 3 Female. These booty shorts are sexy, fun, and will hug all your G3 Females perfectly.

The booty shorts come in worn denim and black leather, and the tank top comes in six different colors, PLUS six different fun designs for the tank utilizing the LIE, that you can apply on any of the colors!

The booty shorts and tank top have been smoothed and perfected to use with all the popular Genesis 3 character morphs and partial body morphs as well.

Included in this package

- Hot Booty Shorts (.duf)
- Hot Tank Top (.duf)
- 2 Shorts Material Presets (Iray and 3Delight)
- 6 Tank Top Material Presets (Iray and 3Delight)
- 6 Tank Top Designs (LIE/.duf)

The material presets include shaders optimized for both 3Delight AND the Iray Render Engine. The shaders for the tank tops and the denim texture for the shorts, are all provided using the Iray Shader Base Mix of "weighted". This shader style works well in 3Delight renders and will allow those using the 3Delight Render Engine to use the designs for the tank tops with no issues.

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