Hongyu’s Mini Dress for Victoria 8 and Genesis 8 Female

Hongyu's Mini Dress for Victoria 8 and Genesis 8 Female


A classic mini dress with a skin-tight panty for Victoria 8 and Genesis 8 female. It has body morphs special designed for Victoria 8 to fit the beautiful body shape. Also included body shapes fit for Olympia, Stephanie 8 and Teen Josie 8.

The dress includes lots of automatic morphs to fit most of your poses, the dress can fit even the most extreme poses and only has the slightest poke through, with a little help of the adjustment morphs that are included in the dress, you can make it look perfect in seconds. In most cases with the supported characters, you don't need to use any adjustments! The dress in all the promos images is the default shape without any adjustments. It is so easy to work with any pose especially when the character is sitting, the skirt part can achieve very natural effect just like using dynamic simulation.

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