Hitomi for Genesis Bundle

Hitomi for Genesis Bundle


Hitomi is delicate, demure, cute as a proverbial button! She has been carefully designed to capture the essence of the genre with an entirely new anime head and body morph for Genesis. Most major bends and many morphs, including most expressions, have been reworked specifically for her.

Hitomi comes with a pretty lace top and bottom, anime inspired rings hairstyle and a pair of conforming eyebrows. In addition to everything that comes with Hitomi, this bundle set also includes the items from Hitomi's Day Out; a second anime long hairstyle, a cute day dress, and eastern inspired sandals. Her eyes, and all included hair and eyebrows are easily tint-able for a matching custom color look.

The ability to blend Hitomi, with your other Genesis Girls, lends an adorable youthfulness. Versatile, sweet Hitomi the perfect addition to your Genesis characters!

This Bundle Contains the Following Products:

- Hitomi for Genesis
- Hitomis Day Out

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