Hi-Key Studio Iray


Hi-Key Studio Iray will give you stunningly lit renders every time. This is an incredibly easy solution for Hi-Key rendering in Iray. Just using the Hi-Key Dome environment and the emissive background props you can render exquisite results with just a few clicks.

Set up a custom environment yourself or just use one of the 15 'Ready To Render' pre-set scenes that enable you to simply load and pose your figures and press the render button.

Everything you need is included. Also included are two Controller Prop Spotlights enabling you to cast hard or soft shadows in your scene. Nothing could be simpler or quicker. Just rotate the controller to direct your light. It will always be pointing in the right direction.

Complete with a whole set of luminosity emission pre-set shaders and emisson colors you will have all you need to create your own amazing Hi-Key renders.

10 page PDF user-guide included.

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