Headlights G3F & G8F Bundle

Headlights G3F & G8F Bundle


Genesis 3 & 8 female's nipples are a pain... Low-poly, with very little shaping possibilities, and texture stretching.

But now you have the possibility to give your babes outstanding headlights! Two rigged hi-poly grafts that can be sculpted to extreme shapes with a wide collection of morphs and presets!

You can decide to keep the textures, or to improve them with a new areola and nipple set, including displacement and normal maps. It is applied on a geometry shell with independent UVs for high-quality results! New textures can be coloured, and their bump set to your needs.

The new nipples can also blow a load of milk with bonus jerks... A must have if you seek spectacular renders!

This bundle includes Headlights for Genesis 3 Female and Headlights for Genesis 8 Female!

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