Greek Houses

Greek Houses


An impression of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea, this Greek islet beckon visitors with sun-kissed scenery and a balmy Mediterranean climate.

The " Greek Houses" scene serene stretches of calm azure waters surround the islands. The sight is spectacularly photogenic because of the vibrant, saturated colors. Little white cubic houses feature blue-painted shutters; outdoor terraces are draped in canopies of bright purple bougainvillea; and hilltop house have blue domes that mirror the indigo waves in the background.

Complete scene including; Houses, Chairs, Table, vases, Ivy, Cypress, Bougainvilleas, Towel, Place, Landscape...

2 preloads sets in Iray and 3Delight

10 cameras presets.

Note: Does not include water, sky, women, clothing, Greek food or accent, or any member of the Greek pantheon.

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