Grecian Goddess Outfit & Textures

Grecian Goddess Outfit & Textures


Sometimes a girl just needs to get out there and show off her sculpted body. The Grecian Goddess outfit will allow Gia 6, Victoria 6 and your other Genesis 2 premiere 3D model females to do just that. They've been working hard to perfect their bodies and with this two-piece outfit, and all the included adjustment options, it's their time to shine. Features include a top and skirt.

Grecian Goddess Outfit Textures: Further accentuate your character's allure with this set of four sexy textures for the Grecian Goddess Outfit. Find the color and design that best suit your 3D models buxom beauty and begin creating some gorgeous 3D renders. Features include Doric, Grecian, Hellenic and Ionic.

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