Good Guys for Genesis 8 Male

Good Guys for Genesis 8 Male


Men of experience, integrity and courage; but also men who can show tenderness and be fun. They are good guys.

This product includes 12 characters, with heads and bodies that can be controlled separately. Six of these characters are based on Floyd 8 and six are based on Ollie 8. The characters based on Floyd 8 do not require having installed the morphs from Ollie 8. And vice versa, the characters based on Ollie 8 do not require the morphs from Floyd 8. But all the characters require the Daz Head and Body morphs for Genesis 8 Male.

The high quality textures provided were painted with Mudbox 2017 and enhanced with shader nodes based on Nvidia Iray. Three different skin shader settings and 3 levels of translucency are provided to modify the skin color and add variety to their look.

The product includes 2 FiberMesh eyebrows created in ZBrush, which can be applied separately or together to create 3 different looks. The colors of the eyebrows complement the colors of the eyelashes.

In addition, 2 textures are provided for the mouth and teeth. One shows a strong dental decay and the other shows a denture. Options to hide some of the teeth are also provided.

Required Products: Genesis 8 Male Morphs, Ollie 8, Floyd 8

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