Good Boys Doll Gone Bad: Character and Overlays for S1M’s The Baby for G8F

Good Boys Doll Gone Bad: Character and Overlays for S1M's The Baby for G8F


Like an evil Pinnochio or playful pall, a plastic molded chassis of malevolence or darling little boy-toy, this little guy is simultaneously charming or terrifying for your rendering scenes!

"The Good Boys Doll" Character Pack is part of the "Good Boys Doll" suite of products for Genesis 8/Sixus1's "The Baby" for Genesis 8.

This pack includes the "good boys gone bad" character morph, Good Boys Doll texture/material set, "Damaged Doll" overlay, and "Segmentations" overlay to create the look of the segmentations of an actual doll. Note: the Damaged Doll and Segmentations overlays are fully compatible with ANY Genesis 8 Female character!

Required Products: Sixus1 - The Baby for Genesis 8 Female

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