GND 4.3

GND 4.3


GND4 gets her third major update that includes a meticulously custom-morphed new face that can be used with GND or the base Victoria 4, all-new 4K head textures, Superfly shaders and more.

4.3 is a standalone update: meaning you don't need to own the full GND pack or any other morphs to use it, only Victoria 4.2 Base.

The dozens of body morphs, feature morphs, joint-controlled morphs and options in the base GND 4.2 pack are *highly* recommended.

Please note that this product is primarily intended as a Poser 11 (SuperFly Renderer) Add-On product for The Girl Next Door 4: Athletic ( It functions as a standalone V4 product and will work with Poser 9+ and the Firefly renderer, but functionality will be reduced: caveat emptor.


*Standalone product or Add-on to GND 4.2 (highly recommended)
*An all-new custom V4/GND head morph
*All-new 4K head textures
*Tattooed 4K body texture
*Original 4K GND4.2 body textures with dozens of tweaks
*4K eyebrow map and eyebrow color shaders (plus the ability to customize eyebrow color)
*Poser 11 SuperFly skin shaders as well as legacy Poser 9-10 FireFly shaders
*6 Superfly nail shaders, 7 legacy Firefly nail shaders
*Makeup, Natural and Tattooed skin shader options
*Classic photographic backdrop prop

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