Gia 6 Pro Bundle

Gia 6 Pro Bundle


Introducing Gia - An ALL NEW Genesis 2 Female Figure from DAZ3D!

Hand-sculpted to show highly-defined arms, legs, abs and back, this premiere 3D model is stunning! Positioned as the ultimate female warrior for your fantasy or urban scenes, Gia is based on the Genesis 2 Female base meaning she is part of the new Genesis 2 Female gene pool.

Dial her in at 100% and get the full scale of this muscular yet feminine shape, or blend her with Victoria 6 or future Genesis 2 Female figures to get just the shape you are looking for. Because she is based on the Genesis 2 Female base, she can share most clothing, hair and morphs with Victoria 6 to give you the versatility you have come to expect from Genesis.

This Bundle Includes:

- Gia 6
- Gia 6 Starter Bundle
- The Jogger
- XDress
- Xanadu Hair
- Dream Hair
- Aspen for Gia
- Sitting Pretty for Gia
- Gia Fantasy Poses
- Hot Cabana Wear
- Grecian Goddess Outfit
- The Sheriff
- Nightfever Hair
- Alanna Hair
- FW Neomi
- The Fighter
- Genesis 2 Female Anatomical Elements

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