George Expandable


This is an additive shape to George HD for Genesis 3 Male (s). All morphs are custom and require George HD.

George Expandable brings diversity to George giving him the opportunity to be younger or older, to change his size, to offer him the African, Eastern or Asian origins and make it more realistic with "Life".

"Life" morph creates a subtle asymmetry to your characters. This morph can be applied to any Genesis 3 Male (s). These custom shapes can be loaded as a character preset. Shape presets should be applied to George HD only.

The base product includes Full eight characters HD morphs, eight HD heads morphs and three HD bodies morphs. These morphs take advantage of the many JCMs created for George.

This set also comes with Normal Maps for all characters. These Normal maps were created for Genesis 3 Male (s) default UVs and can be applied on any Genesis 3 Male (s) texture maps.

Required Products: George HD for Genesis 3 Male(s)

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