Genesis Ultimate Military Basic

Genesis Ultimate Military Basic


Genesis Ultimate Military Basic will allow you to cover a large panel of different military situations. You will find: a Cap, Military Trousers, a T-Shirt and Ranger Boots.

Choose your patterns amongst 11 high resolution texture families, and fine tune your outfit shape and style with the many additional morphs included. The T-Shirt can go inside or outside the trousers, and have more folds on the front, back, side and hips. The trousers can go inside and outside the boots, pockets can be full or flat, and the crotch bulge can be shaped. The boots can look new or old, the cap can be morphed on the peak and global shape levels separately. All of this with different style options.

Compatible with all members of Genesis family, you can choose to use the included morphs to shape it more precisely on specific Genesis shapes, or you can choose to keep the outfit as it is initially. A specific female Morph has also been included on the trousers to have a nicer look on your ladies soldiers.

Five outfit morph presets, and one reset, have been included for each element in order to shape the outfit faster.

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