Genesis 3 Character UVs for Genesis 8 Female


This product gives your Genesis 8 Female characters the ability to use the beautiful skins of your Genesis 3 Female Daz Original Figures.

Genesis 8 Female can already wear any skin that uses the Genesis 3 Female Base Female UV Set. However, most of the Daz Original '7' figures have custom UV layouts, so when you try to use their materials on Genesis 8 Female, you'll get ugly seams and/or misaligned features.

This product contains re-mapped UVs for all 19 of the Daz Original '7' figures that use unique UV maps, allowing your Genesis 8 Female to wear those skins and have them fit perfectly.

Simply apply the materials and makeup options to Genesis 8 Female as you would to Genesis 3 Female.

Even if you don't own all of the characters now, with this product, you can rest assured that when you pick them up on sale their materials will work with Genesis 8 Female!

This product contains UV Sets only there are no Morphs, Material Presets or Texture Maps included!

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