FWSA Vampire Expansion and Hunter Kit for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Liam - Vampire Expansion and Hunter Kit is a high quality character texture and Vampire Hunter set.

This product was designed with Liam in mind, but will work as a standalone product. This expansion set comes with custom sculpted vampire fangs, claws and a bumpy vampire forehead, all which will work with any Genesis 3 character.

As this add on was designed based on Liam, all of Liam's Tattoos, Eyes, Anatomical Elements and even Facial options will work in a Mix'n'Match way with this vampire expansion.

You will also receive Liam's amazing Vampire Hunter set, containing of a Cross, Stake and Hat. These will work with all Genesis 3 Male(s) characters and will add a nice bit of drama to any render. Will also work with Genesis 3 Female(s)!

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