FWSA Kelsey for Teen Josie and Genesis 8

FWSA Kelsey for Teen Josie and Genesis 8


Kelsey has beautifully unique and special face, making her perfect for any scene you can imagine!

Her skin was created using a combination of photo resources as well as merchant resources to give you a very delicate and beautiful skin to compliment her feminine morph created in zbrush.

What's included with Kelsey for Genesis 8:

Kelsey Full Character Preset

Kelsey Head 01 & 02 Apply/REM
Kelsey Body Apply/REM
Kelsey Nails Apply/REM
Kelsey Nipples Apply/REM
Kelsey Navel Apply/REM

Kelsey Character Preset

Character MAT (Iray)

Makeup Options:
8 Makeup Options (Subtle)
8 Makeup Options (Bold)
1 Makeup Off Option
2 LIE Eyeliner Options

Lip Options:
8 Soft Lip Colours
8 Bright Lip Colours
1 Default Lip

Eye Options:
8 Eye Colours

Requirements: Teen Josie 8

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