FWSA Erynn HD for Victoria 8 and LF Erynn Lingerie

FWSA Erynn HD for Victoria 8 and LF Erynn Lingerie


Erynn is a high quality character set for Victoria 8, that comes with her very own sexy and sensual lingerie set. Once more FWSA and Lilflame teamed up to bring you this exciting and very special release.

Introducing FWSA Erynn, a young high quality sensual character for Victoria 8 and LF Erynn Lingerie for Genesis 8 Female(s).

The head and body for Erynn are uniquely custom sculpted in Zbrush, and the skin was created using high quality photo references for depth and detail. She also comes with custom sculpted longer nails as well as longer lashes that can be dialed to your desired length. Furthermore Erynn comes with a custom sculpted genitalia morph, which will apply directly to the body, without needing any extra elements.

The Erynn Lingerie was designed with Erynn in mind, but with loads of fits and adjustments giving all your Genesis 8 Female(s) a fantastic new sensual outfit.

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