FWH Futuristic Wedge Heels for Genesis 8 Female(s)

FWH Futuristic Wedge Heels for Genesis 8 Female(s)


The sassy woman of tomorrow wears Futuristic Wedge Heels!

31 material presets for 7 surface zones give you many colourful options to choose from. Additionally the 7 provided normal map presets for the upper surface can change the whole look of the heels for every occasion. 5 utility options and 25 morphs guarantee a perfect fit for every shape and pose. And at last but not least 1 render preset will make sure to present your scene in the best light possible.

Either giving commands on a starship bridge fitted to a snazzy uniform or worn to that fancy dress walking down the streets of New New York on Mars, these fashionable high tech heels with their outstanding design embrace the future with versatility, elegance and style.

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