Fun Size for Genesis 3 Female

Fun Size for Genesis 3 Female


Ten Character Presets for Genesis 3 Female.

Fun Size is a set of adult models who are short in stature and petite in frame. Although they are smaller than your average Genesis 3 model, they still have very womanly curves!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The models are all set to a scale of 93%. The scale should maintain through various preset poses, however, be advised that if you use the Restore Figure Pose option (not the same as a zero pose option, which is okay) the model will be reset to 100% scale. To avoid this, simply lock the scale of your model. If you wish to use any full body sizing morphs however, such as Growing Up or Dwarfology, you will need to leave the scale unlocked.

Requirements: Genesis 3 Female Head and Body Morphs

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