FSL Morphing Backdrop and Shaders for Iray


Fuseling's Versatile Backdrop for Iray is a quick and easy to use solution for your backdrop needs! This useful product includes a variety of regular and HD Morphs, plus Shaders designed specifically to complement the backdrop and its many shapes.

Included is the Backdrop itself, with 19 lovingly sculpted regular morphs and 18 very detailed HD Morphs. The eight different material zones, combined with these morphs, allow you to create a wide variety of marvelous looks using the included shaders.

Plus, this pack includes 211 base shaders including paper, textiles, glass, tile, metal, marble, rock, and emissive shaders. Also included are 165 utility shaders for fine tuning diffuse tint and luminance and for using the included base shaders with any diffuse map.

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