Frozen World – Icy Lake and Iray HDRI


This set consists of 6 HDRI Render Presets for Iray featuring a frozen planet landscape which is enhanced by the included icy lake terrain. The lake 3d mesh is simply a very large disk plane with a jagged border on which a customized Iray ice shader is applied. Each variation of the scene shows snow mountains under a starry sky with sunset and planets. Half of the render presets feature also beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northem Lights).The 6 Render Presets use HDR Images which are in 12K pixels format. These images give a full 360 degree coverage and add a very realistic image-based lighting (IBL) to your scene.

Also included: 12 dome rotation presets to quickly change the section from the 360 degree HDR image that can be visible through your camera and 5 camera presets that allow you to change the camera focal lenght setting in one click.

Please note that all promotional images have been rendered In Daz Studio using Iray and the included HDR images as the sole source of lighting.

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