Forest Fantasy: Satyrn for Genesis 3 Male(s)

Forest Fantasy: Satyrn for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Mystical and brooding, Satyrn is a true forest stud for Genesis 3 Male. Satyrn comes with a completely custom morphed satyr inspired face, body and ears. Also included is a bonus Human disguise for when this mischievous Man must venture into the realm of people.

Complete with human and fawn fantasy options, eyes, makeup, spotted torso texture and a bonus LIE version for any character skin, Satyrn has something for all your woodland fantasy scenes. Satyrn comes with detailed skin crafted on the Genesis 3 Base Male UV set and custom sculpted HD Head and Body morphs built off the Genesis 3 Base Male shape.

Frolic through the forest in with this fun new set for Genesis 3 Male. An enchanting pack to bring your forest creatures to life! Includes Satyrn ;Legs, Satyrn Goatee and Bonus Satyrn Antlers to use on any hair if you don't own the Satyrn Hair by Propschick.

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