Fighting Series: Staff Arts for Genesis 3 Male


The staff - weapon of the every person. It is ubiquitous and shows up across many different martial arts disciplines from tae kwon do, to shaolin monks practicing wu-shu, to the English quarter staff, to the many Latin American developed stick fighting styles.

The beauty of the staff arts is that it doesn't require any specialized equipment that delivers a powerful blow and can flow with grace when used correctly. When not in battle, the staff doubles handily into a walking aid for long journeys, or as an extra support after having lost a fight.

The Fighting Series: Staff Arts allows you to take full advantage of the staff. With 30 single stance HPP poses, 11 two-person vignettes HPP poses, and 1 three-person vignette HPP pose, this set with the included wearable staff preset, will satisfy all your staffing needs. As a bonus, included are identical standard pose versions of these poses for you to use on your own staffs, staves, and pole arms. Just a little tweaking of the right and left hands, and you are good to go.

The staff comes with two textures - a polished wood and a worn wood version which will allow you to use the staff and these poses across various different genres: historical battle re-enactments, fantasy, contemporary, Eastern and Western martial arts, and with a creative use of your favorite shader - science fiction! The possibilities are endless.

As always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for balance, gravity, and realism.

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