FeralFey’s Get a Grip Poses for Genesis 8


Are you tired of looking for hand poses that won't work with your props? Or is getting your hand gestures looking like you want a problem? Are other hand pose sets falling short of what it is you're looking for? Well, fret no more! FeralFey has listened to her customers and has come up with "Get a Grip for Genesis 8 Bundle", which consists of a massive total of 480 pose presets!

There are 240 preset for the Genesis Female and 240 presets for the Genesis 8 Male - and get this! The male and female poses are NOT repeats. There are slight differences between the male and the female poses, giving you loads of options when trying to fit your character's grip to the prop you want to use! (The male poses will work on the female model and vice versa!)

There are also left hand versions (160 total), right hand versions (160 total) and both hand versions (160 total), so you won't have to worry. Everything is just an easy click away from that perfect hand pose.

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