Femme Fatale HD Morphs

Femme Fatale HD Morphs


A suite of highly detailed morphs to turn your La Femme into a bombshell.

This time around I decided to break up my usual GND treatment into 58 separate morphs that can be mixed and matched according to your personal taste. Not just toned athletic looks, but classically curvy are easy to achieve.

Normal 'SD' morphs take care of the basic shape and, where needed, HD morphs inject nearly half-million polygon high-resolution mesh detail into La Femme's trim 24,000 polygon frame.

SD morphs, HD morphs, the base La Femme morphs, and the body handles can all be combined to give you unprecedented control over the look of your figure.

There is no "character preset" included, you have the flexibility to create characters suited to your individual tastes. For example if you don't like muscular quadriceps, simply don't load them or turn the dial down to a lower strength. All of the promos show *only* morphs included in this package, and are typically all HD Morphs dialed to 1.0 (with the exception of the ones specifically showing the SD morphs, which have the exact morphs used displayed beside them), plus the included MegaLashes morph, and BreastsFlat morph.

Required Products: La Femme 1.1 Base Figure for Poser 11

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