Felton the Puppet for Genesis 8 Male

Felton the Puppet for Genesis 8 Male


With this package you can turn your Genesis 8 Male into a felt puppet.  The default morph includes plastic eyes. A secondary eyeless morph can be dialed in to eliminate the for a different look. This morph works great with the included glasses.

Set includes two custom UV sets and nine texture sets for both the eyeless and eyed puppets.

Morphing nose, conforming eyebrows, and glasses are also included. The pupils on the glasses move, and the ear pieces of the glasses are also rigged.

The nose has five texture options, and there are three eye colors. The nose also includes morphs to make it rounder or more angular.

Nine custom adjustment morphs are also included to refine the shape of the head, raise and lower the eyes, and raise and lower the ears.

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