Fatal Stranger HD for Genesis 8 Female

Fatal Stranger HD for Genesis 8 Female


Realism and naturalness served as the main criteria for creation of the Fatal Stranger HD. The heroine can be proud of a bright beautiful appearance, (an original shape of a face, ears, teeth), and an effective realistic figure.

Not suntanned areas of skin (in two options of execution) from a bathing suit, or a brassiere and shorts on a body of the heroine can be a useful, pleasant and effective aspect. Certainly, for those who do not need traces from suntan, the option of pure, not suntanned skin is provided.

Four options of eye color and five options of a make-up will help to diversify the Fatal Stranger, in addition. Also, skillful combination of maps of the displacement, normal and bump provide a qualitative and realistic relief of skin with demonstration of cambers, birthmarks and veins.

Full support of materials in Iray and 3Delight is provided.

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