Fast Production Lights for Iray


Fast Production Lights provide fast and easy to use lighting solution for Daz Studio Iray render engine. Included in the package are 40 HDRI environment lighting presets and 28 tone mapping presets to cover the entire process from setting up your scene to rendering the final image output, with minimal effort and maximum yet fast results.

Each HDRI environment map is unique in its presentation of pleasant and impactful colors combined together that can be used as lighting as well as the background solution for producing studio-like images. As the counterpart to 20 color combinations, package also includes 20 monochrome HDRI environment maps to provide same source of light for your scenes, yet not to affect diffuse and colors of the scene. Even though not intended for rendering of large environments but with main orientation to rendering and spotlighting main characters in the scene, Fast Production Lights will provide good global illumination for open exteriors when used in higher intensity presets. Also included, we have provided one optional light rig of photometric lights to be used at your convenience with HDRI presets, if needed.

Fast Production tone mapping is our unique solution for adjusting tones and lights of your image output, enhancing the final result right inside Daz Studio and finalizing the process without further need to use post processing in external applications. Tone mapping is divided into 4 different categories: Cold, Neutral, Monochrome and Warm with ranges of Bright, Dark, Dramatic, Light, Soft and Vivid for each color adjustment tone available within a click, with additional 4 vignette options for dramatic effect.

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