Fantasy Skins for Genesis 3


Watch the Fantasy creatures finally come to life. Aliens, elves, goblins, fairies, etc, they are all waiting for you to give them the colored sparkle that they have been missing so much.

With the Fantasy Skins for Genesis 3 you will be able to apply fantastic coloured shaders to ANY of your existing Genesis 3 characte, Male AND Female!

Need a red Devil? a black Demon? a green Super Hero? Or just the need to add a subtle touch of green, purple or pink to a cute creature?

The Fantasy Skins for Genesis 3 set will provide you all you need to make the best fantasy creatures using any of your existing Genesis 3 Figures and their original texture sets.

You love Victoria 7 and her textures set? You can use them and turn Victoria 7 into an elegant green alien, keeping all her features. Will this green Alien have to have red blood that we'll see though transparency? Well, it's up to you! You can turn her blood into any color you want with the Translucency options files provided!

You won't get only colored shaders, you'll also get several Top Coat options, Translucency options, Eyes options, Nails options, SSS and no SSS options etc.

The shaders won't just affect the figure! 1 script allows you to transfer skin settings to any geograft element including Anatomical Elements.

This set is clearly what you have been missing for the creation of amazing fantasy creatures.

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